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Our team has some pretty fantastic ideas. So in the spirit of encouraging creative exploration, we have created a structure and a platform for displaying their efforts. Each animation in The Looper Projects need to be relatively short (between 5-15 seconds), loop and should showcase the technique(s) they are playing around with. They should also depict the animator’s interpretation of the current theme. Oh, and they need to keep it under 20 hours of work, start to finish.

Check back from time to time and see the new work! And lastly, if you are interested in other internal explorations, check out Inversions, Seasons and our Winter Holiday Explainer.


What is creativity and what defines plagurism or basic imitation and where is the line between the two crossed? It is said there are only seven stories in the world, but how many books and movies exist? Graphic design and music, fashion design and interior design all follow regular cycles of imitation, invention, reinvention and regurgitation. Even the most inspired and fresh offering can be traced back to one or more sources of inspiration or reference or homage.

Reinvention explores this phenomenon from (hopefully) unique angles.

Design/animation: Eric Edwards


During these last few years whether in reference to media, politics or the pandemic, we have been subjected to a number of misdirections. We thought we would take lemons and make lemonade by applying this phenomena of redirection to our looper design study.

Redirection can anything from sat nav just constantly redirecting you as you try to find the damn light at the end of the tunnel, to Sevrin directing a change in the color to red rather than orange only to have Bobby redirect back to orange. And as always, it is solely up to the artist to pick the technique they wish to use in their exploration.

Final Stage: Fight!
Design/animation: Marcus Kulik


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all looking at the beginning of a long dark tunnel, but it is a tunnel and we will eventually come out the other side. The landscape will be different but we will emerge once again. We have seen leaders attempt to guide their nations, states, and cities through this experience with wildly varying levels of success. Some are spinning false hope or making light of the issue ignoring the pain this is causing. Others are recognizing how bad it is while encouraging the population to remain vigilant to the cause and not losing sight of their hope in the future. In the spirit of the latter, we want to focus on our emergence from the tunnel in our not so distant future.

Our theme for the next 6 months is “Emergence”. This can be literally about recovery from COVID, it could be about a butterfly escaping their cocoon. It can be done cinematically or with iconography, graphic shapes, shadow puppets, marmots or whatever the artist chooses.


Rear Window
Design/animation: Marcus Kulik

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