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I got 99 problems but a job aint one

not just jobs, Adventurers wanted

When we were children we imagined greatness in the jobs we were to do. We were going to be adventurers, seeing new places, exploring new things or famous inventors of the great and wondrous or architects of the next design movement. While we may have grown up, that child-like curiosity and hunger hasn’t disappeared. It has only evolved and matured. Creativity has rooted within us whether making music, painting, animating or problem solving. Our appreciation for design has been untethered finding inspiration in all things from nature to fine art, from the most simple to the most grand.

We are a team of innovators, explorers and reprobates, we are a crew of creatives inspired by life and each other. Our jobs are more than simply jobs or careers, they are our life blood, our passion. Come explore and develop new things with us, laugh with us and look for the next horizon with us.


You have a unique vision and compelling style and technique you use to express that vision. You wake up every day with new ideas and solutions and innate, unstoppable excitement to see those thoughts and ideas come to life. You see story in shape, color, form and movement.

3D Generalist

Your expression is in four dimensions whether highly stylized or photo real your sense of design has depth and time as a mandate. Maya, and C4D are your basic toolkit, and you are comfortable in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator. You also have explored particles, fluid simulation, advanced tracking and compositing. The combination of your skill set and your unquenchable thirst for design makes you formidable.

Storyboard Designer

You have a unique vision and skill at developing powerful, concept driven imagery. Your skill is in envisioning motion while indicating through still frames. You aren’t afraid of color or typography and if the story requires a bit of paint or model building you roll up your sleeves for that too. Your images lay the foundation for and are a first determination on the success of a project and you love it.

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