MRM approached us to help them visualize Verizon’s suite of 2014 explainers. We partnered with them to invent the visual and animation language used to tell their complex stories as simply as possible. The graphic vernacular we developed reduces complex concepts to repeating symbols and animation allowing the viewer to follow along without having to decode technical and non visual processes.

Design | Directorial | Editorial | Motionography | Compositing | Color Correction

Complexity distilled

Directed by: Bobby Hougham
Animation Team: Eric Edwards, Xianming Han, Bobby Hougham, Scott Hudziak, Tommy Hutcherson, Alan Llave, Matthew Pinski, Phiphat Pinyosophon
Composer: Phil Peterson
Executive Producer: Sevrin Daniels

Executive Creative Directors: Sevrin Daniels, Bobby Hougham
Agency: MRM SLC
CD: Spencer Jacobs, Paul Butterfield
Producer: John Williams

The Process

We partnered with MRM in developing the graphic language we used to tell this years explainers. There were commonalities in themes we identified which allowed us to create motion and iconography that would not require the target audience to reinterpret or translate from one to the next, comprehension of complex concepts being paramount. We wanted our animations to be syncopated with a dynamic but technical score, so our composer, Phil gave us a click track to animate against. As we were finishing the videos, we sent them his way for him to flesh out and put the extra little bit of love on them.

We started this process defining the visual language, figuring out what each movement and symbol actually meant or concept it communicated. Then we went through the scripts and assigned specific items appropriate to each concept or phrase in each scene much the way you would block out a live action scene with key talent and extras. Once that was completed we could assign our teams and start the production process which overlapped from one to the next so we were able to deliver approximately 1 per week until we completed the series.

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