Valspar has an incredible selection of paint colors, so broad you can find virtually any shade you want. This one focused on white and was designed as part of a campaign where each spot focused on a specific color and all the different shades within.

Design | Script | Directorial | Live-Action | Table-Top | Editorial | Motionography | Animation | VFX | Compositing | Color Correction

63 quail eggs broken, not one quail harmed.

Directed by: Bobby Hougham & Sevrin Daniels
Director of Photography: Billy Summers
Design Team: Lindsay Daniels, Sevrin Daniels, Bobby Hougham
Modelling/Animation team:Cody Cobb, Brian Demong, John Schuchard
Compositing Team: Bobby Hougham, Sevrin Daniels, Cody Cobb, Lee Grambush
Editorial: Chloe McLennan
Executive Producer: Ross Fenter
Executive Creative Directors: Sevrin Daniels & Bobby Hougham

The Process

Art department had a field day with this elegant and sophisticated spot for Valspar. Developing props and scenes that while monochromatic white all felt unique. Each scene was shot with its own unique gag that required some innovative out of the box style creativity. 3D and vfx compositing helped finish the magic.

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