We decided to celebrate the changing of the seasons with some flair! We developed a bit of a Seasons Design Exercise where we had 10-20 seconds to show what that season inspires in you.

As an added bonus we got a little rock n roll with New Years Eve!

Owned Media | Illustration | Animation | Live Action | Color Correction | 3D

there are four seasons but seattle’d never know it was more than two

ECD: Bobby Hougham
CD: Eric Edwards
Design: Eric Edwards, Marcus Kulik
Animation: Eric Edwards, Marcus Kulik,
EP: Sevrin Daniels

Imagine Digital Kitchen had sex with The School of Visual Arts and that child got married to Massimo Vignelli – that’s pretty much what The New Blank is;

they rock production and post with a sexy, sexy eye for form.

Christian Pulfer

Founder Music

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