Inversions is an internal project created by the crew at The New Blank. The idea is to present a concept and then flip it… or invert it. One is about a wary group of travelers who inadvertently wreck their SUV in the woods and set their whole world on fire. What they don’t know is that they’re in the land of Inversions. BUM BUM BUUUUM.

In the second episode we find the oryx and the hawk. In this episode of Inversions not even the animals are safe.

Design | Script | Directorial | Editorial | Motionography | Animation | VFX | Compositing | Color Correction

i put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it

Directed by: Eric Edwards
Design Team: Eric Edwards, Lena Lee, Yinzi Xiong
Modelling/Animation: Lena Lee, Eric Edwards, Yinzi Xiong
Editor: Eric Edwards
Executive Producer: Sevrin Daniels
Creative Directors: Sevrin Daniels, Bobby Hougham

The Process

Each story was developed to have a flip side or twist to revealed in time. Once the stories were sorted out, it came down to modeling and animating. We created each of these scenes as though within a snow globe without the glass and lit through depth of field creating a fog of war effect. Through this lighting scheme we could draw the fog forwards or push it back away from camera so it acted as though it were a curtain.

Originally intended to be a logo reveal animation for our montage we have decided to keep each of the inversions around because they are sooo damn purdy!

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