We had the opportunity to continue the T-Mobile campaign we helped design and develop for over 17,000 feet of video screen in Times Square NYC. That’s a whole lotta pink in this times square takeover!

Design | Editorial | Motionography | Animation | VFX | Compositing | Color Correction | Digital

almost 30 stories of love in this times square takeover

Creative Director: Eric Edwards
Editor: Sevrin Daniels
Animation Team: Eric Edwards, Lena Lee, Chase Hochstatter, Xianming Han
Executive Producer: Sevrin Daniels
Executive Creative Director: Bobby Hougham

Agency: Publicis West
Producer: Bill Ronan

The Process

We built a series of templates that not only displayed final output with all the knockouts and bends in place but also individual templates for each deliverable. Then, we positioned and extended and reworked existing photography and footage to line up on the gigantic surfaces of the Reuters and Nasdaq buildings without odd crops or having a face sit within a window knockout. Loads of rotoscope and keying went into this along with some fun with the imagery to develop the animations that played with it.

Out of home experiences are always a load of fun to produce but always a challenge to make your vision look right on the irregular screens and this Times Square takeover was no exception!

Though I’m loath to use a cliche boxing metaphor, I firmly believe that pound for pound, The New Blank is one of the most creative shops in the country. Within this little gem in the Pike Place Market, Sevrin, Bobby and the brilliant artists they surround themselves with have created a deep, rich well of creativity, technical expertise, and production savvy.
These guys will never disappoint.

Bill Ronan


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