Wexley School For Girls tapped The New Blank to help create a sing along to play on the jumbotrons in basketball stadiums across the country. But it came with a twist: there is pretty close to no way anyone would be able to sing along to it. Add the comic songwriting genius of Chris Ballew of Presidents of the United States of America and Caspar Babypants fame into the mix and we had a high bar to keep up with the humor.

We went with a decidedly low production style of animation to play up the comedy. Adding in our own Easter eggs and non-sequitur elements to create opportunities sound design gags.

Design | Animation | Color Correction

nonsense + animation = environmental comedy

Directed by: Bobby Hougham
Animation: Bobby Hougham & Alan Llave
Score: Chris Ballew

Agency: Wexley School for Girls

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