The Looper Projects

Reinvention: re:INvention

Digging further into the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities of production tools available to us, Creative Director Eric Edwards is exploring the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism.

What is true creativity and what is a mere copy? While everyone acknowledges source inspiration, there are some executions that can only be called unimaginative reproductions of earlier work. Eric has explored this concept further by utilizing artificial intelligence to aid in the process which can only be seen as a touch ironic. 

This is the eponymous offering for the Reinvention theme of The Looper Projects.

Animation | Design | Color Correction | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

The Source of the Creative

Director: Eric Edwards
Design: Eric Edwards
Animation: Eric Edwards, Marcus Kulic
Color: Eric Edwards

The Process

In exploring the concept there arose an opportunity to engage with some experimental image generation and animation tools. While traditional compositing and animation were utilized, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools were also used in the production process.

All of the birds and most of the helicopters were found on the internet and rotoscoped with Runway ML which utilizes machine learning. We also modeled and animated some supplemental helicopters using traditional 3D techniques and software.

The background layers were created with a beta Artificial Intelligence image generator called MidJourney which utilizes text inputs through Discord.

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