Overstock.com had an image problem. Their cheap products were coming off like cheap products. For their Mother’s Day specials we developed this new look really classing up the joint and bringing attention to the fact that while their prices were cheap, they offered a great selection of some really nice products.

It’s a bit like retail in real life.

Design | Directorial | Live-Action | Editorial | Motionography | VFX | Compositing | Color Correction

Look at all the pretties!

Directed by: Sevrin Daniels & Paul Dektor
Creative Directors: Lindsay Daniels & Sevrin Daniels
Designer: Lindsay Daniels
Animation/compositing: Bobby Hougham, Sevrin Daniels, Charlie Bartlett
Editorial: Aymeric Montouchet
Producer: Nick Hegge
Executive Producer: Ross Fenter
Executive Creative Directors: Bobby Hougham & Sevrin Daniels

The Process

Lindsay Daniels tapped The New Blank to shepherd her vision for this Mothers Day spot across the finish line. Originally brought in as VFX supervisor, Sevrin Daniels ended up directing several shots himself. Once all the imagery was captured, we collaborated with Lindsay on the animation vernacular and compositing look and feel. We finished up this beautiful retail spot with a light and airy color treatment.

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