Emmy Award winning director Lindsay Daniels teamed up with The New Blank to create this campaign for Nordstrom celebrating their anniversary sale. Lindsay’s vision was a graphic look developed and executed entirely through lighting captured in camera.

Beautiful people, pretty clothes, mood lighting and great music.

Directorial | Live-Action | Editorial | Motionography | VFX | Compositing | Color Correction

just keep it all in camera, kid

Directed by: Lindsay Daniels & Sevrin Daniels
Director of Photography: Stephen McGeehee
Creative Direction: Bobby Hougham
Design: Lindsay Daniels
VFX/Animation: Bobby Hougham, Alan Llave, Sevrin Daniels
Editor: Sevrin Daniels
Executive Producer: Kelly Green
Executive Creative Directors: Sevrin Daniels & Bobby Hougham

The Process

Sometimes, you just want to keep it all simple. Shoot on a stage, lots of product, stunning models and real lighting effects. Everything is truly shot real deal, in camera old school.

We developed a compositing and color correction rig on set to check plates as they came through to make sure we captured everything we needed to make the shots work.

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