We designed a fun way to look at dorm room, college recipes. Each spot in the campaign focused on a different recipe to create simple, relatively healthy meals using Hormel products and usually just one or two additional ingredients.

Design | Directorial | Editorial | Motionography | Animation

What’s green and white and spam all over?

Directed by: Bobby Hougham & Sevrin Daniels
Design: Vince Diga, Cody Cobb, Bobby Hougham, Sevrin Daniels
Editorial: Bobby Hougham
Modelling/Animation: Cody Cobb
Producer: Karri McGough
Executive Producer: Ross Fenter

The Process

Creating simple animations of simple recipes; thing plus thing plus product equals result. Sometimes you need elegant solutions for simple tasks. We used XSI to build and animate all the objects and mapped product labels onto product models. The solution was clean and elegant matching the college recipes we were depicting.

Once a look was landed on, we modeled and animated the various elements and added graphic steam for effect. It’s monochromatic elegance!

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