Magic & Bird Main Titles

HBO Sports approached us to create a title sequence for their documentary Magic & Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals. We developed a treatment that showcased their entire basketball history and their unique relationship. Reaching back to our own youth, our design was based on a fan’s heroes wall collage.

Design | Directorial | Editorial | Motionography | Compositing | Color Correction

we got us a genuine emmy-nominated main title sequence

Directed by: Bobby Hougham & Sevrin Daniels
Design Team: Bobby Hougham, Sevrin Daniels
Animation Team: Alan Llave, Bobby Hougham, Sevrin Daniels
Editorial: Sevrin Daniels
Executive Producer: Ross Fenter

Studio: HBO Sports
Client: Tripp Dixon

The Process

We were excited to work on HBO Films new documentary on two iconic basketball players from our childhood, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. They wanted to have the titles interwoven with actual documentary style interviews with the former NBA stars, and originally played with the idea of turning them into comic book style super heroes.

Eventually it was decided that a way to show off their hero status without involving the fantasy world etc would be ideal. We concepted and created the idea of a hero collage, brought to life, evolving through the careers of these two rivals. We would start with high school photos and use the Lakers and Celtics colors to indicate a sort of timeline and travel through their lives through the rivalry and finally into the friendship and retirement.

This project hit near and dear to our hearts not only in reaching back to our own childhood but also in the sense that we felt this was a way to redeem our younger selves and apply our design sensibility to create an idealized version of the hot mess we all had on our walls back in the day.

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