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We are superfans. Give us just about any entertainment project, and we get giddy. Fox brought us in on everything from Living One Sheets and promotions to developing key art for their Upfronts presentation and rebranding the network.

This is just a tiny taste of that work.

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This is a promotions flex!

We are known for high-touch, concept-driven bespoke pieces, but did you also know that we jam on high-volume, budget-efficiency projects? We call it Flex Content and we work with you to figure out what levers to pull to maximize the production value while fitting within your timeline and budget, set to scale.

High volume creative

The Upfronts are a unique beast. If you know, you know. One year we decided to compile a montage of the art we created for the various shows that were being floated. Most were just key art exercises but some included motion studies. It was always interesting to see what was being thought about, and hearing the notes come back which oftentimes had less to do with our art and more with the changing tide of positioning and getting that art to align.

This year we delivered over 350 original frames complete with full logo explorations and you know, we would watch any of those shows based on the art alone! But you be the judge, take a look below:

From Concept to delivery

We worked with the Fox in house promo marketing team to produce a wide range of assets. Sometimes it was a straight-forward Flex Content workflow to produce a volume of Living One Sheets and posters. Sometimes the workflow was more of a hybrid between Bespoke and Flex Content. In situations like that, our Bespoke team would work on designing and defining the look and animation techniques before handing off to our Flex team to execute the volume of elements and deliverables for campaigns of promotions.

In this case, our Bespoke team developed creative around the idea of a “City of Fox” for a summer stunt. Once the creative was approved, our production team started churning out the deliverables for the series of promos.

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