Boys And Girls Club


We were tapped by Zaaz to produce a fundraising video for The Rotary Boys and Girls Club. In the process we met some amazing kids and some incredibly giving adults.

There was a limited amount of time to capture all the kids and the functions of this fabulous institution therefore we chose to break into two production units and capture kids interviews with one and Adult interviews and B-Roll with the other. Authenticity was paramount for this project. The genuine personality of the Boys and Girls Club needed to come through so donors could see legitimately what they were being asked to fund. And with all the natural characters present, there was absolutely no need to create any from scratch.

The edit and post process carried the thesis of authenticity through by focusing on those moments that felt the most pure and innocent. Our color work on the other hand was stylistically pushed to not only augment the beauty of our cast of characters but also raise the level of production value and give attention to style in line with the clubs vision.

Directorial | Live-Action | Editorial | Motionography | Color Correction

a whole lotta goodnes, smiles, and potential

Directed by: Bobby Hougham & Sevrin Daniels
Director of Photography: Billy Summers
Editor: Rich Rudy
Executive Producer: Kelly Green

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