AT&T-Warner Bros.

Massive Scope, Precision Delivery

What do Batman, Newt Scamander, and Lebron James have to do with Joey, Rachel, and a Smelly Cat? They were part of a 7-project FLEX series we that spanned over 3 years, with our agency partner for AT&T and Warner Brothers.

Flex Content | Design | Editorial | Motionography | Color Correction | Environmental | Installation | Experiential Retail | Interactive Retail | Marketing Activations

Uncompromised creative, custom coding, and 500 deliverables a quarter.

200+ individual and choreographed screens, 72 hours of original content, 350 different deliverables, 384 hours of render time and producing 30+ Terabytes of data — every three months.

The Creative Process

At the start of each project, we fully immerse ourselves in the world of the intellectual property we’re promoting, essentially becoming diehard fans. This passionate approach inspires our concepts and ensures we connect with our target audience. Working closely with our partner agency, our creative team will bring the vision to life through physical installations and our carefully choreographed programs on multiple screens.

A Warner Brothers film trailer or promotional spot was a crucial element in the total package. After adapting the trailer for all the various screens in the different venues, the package would get supplemented with the additional thematic programs we developed.

We always provided the client with a wishlist of assets to enhance their experience. Our pitches ranged from “highly likely” to “long shot,” each presented with a treatment outlining exactly how we’d use them. Our production team worked tirelessly to bring ideas to life, whether animation NBA players stat cards or flying fire-breathing dragons around the store.

We focused on our known elements and relied on our game plan for anything unexpected. After all, “the show must go on!”

Developing Content

It was calculated that the average customers time in the store would be 30 minutes to an hour. An optimal experience would be around 40 minutes per show with the majority of that content being living wallpaper punctuated with 3 to 5-minute takeovers that would demand the customers’ attention.

All of the content was created to be easily applied to the wildly varying screen dimensions, resolutions, and groupings ranging from 3x3x3 grids, oversized 6×10 screens, giant LED Displays that wrapped around balconies to Marquee Billboards in Times Square.

Specialized Content

While we had streamlined the delivery of content to all the different displays, Each project had its unique array of assets and delivery hurdles to overcome. Game of Thrones, for instance, had 3d dragon models that we flew around the stores breathing fire and causing general chaos; for the NBA, we designed and animated stat cards for each of the 30 teams, for Justice League we animated still images of Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. in slow-motion highlighting aspects of their superpowers. All along the way, eliciting feedback and approvals from the showrunners and the film’s creators.

Splitting, Rendering, and Quality Control

After all of the content is created, the activations look fantastic in our mockups, optimal viewing angles are accounted for, and all of the copy is optimally placed for readability, we push it all through our splitting software. Most of the viewing screens are made up of multiple monitors, and the splitting process is monumental if not properly organized and split. Once everything is processed, it is all reassembled in a mockup and quality checked for timing and placement errors, ensuring that nothing critical falls off-screen or is lost in the gaps between screens. 

Delivery and Support

Each store had multiple playback systems each managed by a different service, each with their own unique specs and delivery methods. We would manage all the trafficking to the different service vendors and were also on call through installation and initial run throughs to assist with everything from simple question answering to flying out to location and working hand in hand with the engineers to solve any technical issues they may be encountering.

Hand in Hand with the installation agency

Collaborating with TwentyFour Seven, we seamlessly integrated our videos with their stunning physical installations. Immerse yourself in the complete sensory experience by checking these explainer edits below.

The Team at The New Blank always has our back, no matter what. They are lovely partners!

Kristen Reich

Twenty Four 7

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