Alice In Chains

Lesson Learned

The New Blank was tapped to flesh out the creative approach and execute the music video for Alice in Chains new song “Lesson Learned“. The idea of pairing a man and woman being dragged helplessly and lifelessly through this rugged and distressed environment was inspired by an interpretation of the song lyrics themselves.

We channeled our youth to pull this new execution of the 90’s grunge style to match the song.

Design | Script | Directorial | Live-Action | Stop Motion | Editorial | Motionography | VFX | Compositing | Color Correction

just when you thought grunge was dead

Directed by: Sevrin Daniels & Paul Matthaeus
Director of Photography: Doug Hostetter
Concept: Paul Matthaeus
Design: Sevrin Daniels, Bobby Hougham
Animation: Bobby Hougham & Sevrin Daniels
Editorial: Shawn Fedorchuk
Producer: Randy Lafollette

The Process

We shot “Lesson Learned” in an abandoned flour mill in Seattle, some of the spaces had only been occupied by rodents, birds and squatters for years. In fact, our cast and crew were wearing masks through the whole production breaking only when the camera was rolling due to the stench and airborne particulate matter. Initially wanting a stop motion look but not having the budget or time to support a full stop motion production we developed techniques to simulate the look. We would shoot multiple takes of the same action using 15 fps bursts. Then we would “shuffle” the frames together between all the takes giving us the jittery quality of stop motion.

Post involved a tight edit and a heavy color correction. We also created a scratched photograph look for traditionally animated, hand drawn assets for multiple scenes.

Featured Words

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Oooh this is psychotically cool!

Paul Mathaeus

Digital Kitchen

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