Promotions Manager


In the role of Promotions Manager, you will manage and execute the strategy for digital sales campaigns for one of our gaming clients annually. Further work will include analyzing sales and pricing data to establish theories to optimize sales performance and answer business needs.



The New Blank is an award-winning design and animation-driven production company based in Seattle, Washington. We are currently expanding our team with passionate and highly driven visionaries. We are a band of individuals pulled together with a desire to make. Our clients range from TV networks to gaming studios and agencies to Fortune 100 companies and small startups. Story and ideas drive us; they’re what wake us up in the morning and compel everything we do throughout the day.



You are highly organized and hungry to be part of a creative team; you want to ensure successful projects are delivered. You are a beacon of positivity and enjoy collaborating with international, internal, and cross-functional client teams. You are full of potential and have the untapped energy to prove your mettle. In short, you’re looking for the right home that’ll help you grow your career, producing top work with some kick-ass people.

It doesn’t matter if you studied at a fantastic school or are self-taught through years of equivalent experience; you are eager to learn more and be a part of our award-winning team. You have about five years of marketing, digital retail, e-commerce, or technological experience and have project management time under your belt. You’ve been involved in commercial analytics with the desire to have data lead rather than simply validate presumed theories. We’re looking for someone who’s been in the trenches with store discount programs – either creating them or working closely with the teams that do. You are a strong negotiator, and both written and verbal communications come as naturally to you as sniffing out lies is to Sherlock Holmes. You are neck-deep in strategic thinking and can lead a strategy based on market understanding while challenging existing processes. You are stellar at understanding global digital pricing frameworks and models as well as global advertising and pricing regulations like no one else. Your confidence in analytics tooling and big data sets to define best practices is bar none. The gaming industry is your jam; you are not only a fan of games but live and breathe the industry and its current trends.

You will report to our Program Manager, working closely with your client team to execute the tasks needed to keep the campaigns on schedule and support the team in any way possible. Your brain is astonishing, and your smile– well, isn’t that something to behold?



Together, we will foster and encourage client growth as well as process efficiencies and quality. We will always reach for the next level, working with each other to not only discern what that is but also collaborate to hit that elusive mark. We will work our asses off to create that amazing piece, and then, we will play.



  • Provide owned channel go-to-market strategies for one of our gaming client’s digital stores’ promotional campaigns throughout the year, such as Black Friday and Holiday Sales. Deliver smooth execution and outcome of our sales campaigns by managing their end-to-end execution, including close alignment with key stakeholders and channel leads
  • Own and develop the campaign testing roadmap which aims to build our internal understanding of how players interact with our sales campaigns by understanding player behavior on the platform. Work with analytics to test new hypotheses focused on maximizing KPIs.
  • Lead the creation of publisher educational documentation ensuring best practice information is updated on a regular cadence, accessible to all, and meets the brand tone of our client.
  • Recommend new tools and processes for both internal and external stakeholders that make the client’s digital store easier to work with.
  • Meet regularly with internal teams to build better transparency of departmental objectives and timeframes.
  • Own elements of a 5-year development roadmap in which you advocate for publisher needs while matching that with internal resources.
  • Brief in marketing teams for creative development acting as a key stakeholder in campaign direction.
  • Produce commercial post-mortem reports to summarize campaign performance and make recommendations for future improvements. Work with Analytics to automate these processes as much as possible ensuring data consistency.

Weirdo’s welcome.

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