Promotions Associate



This position is integral to the team responsible for supporting the seamless execution of all discount activity on one of our gaming clients’ storefront, including Sales Campaigns, Publisher Sales, and Custom Discounts. The team is additionally tasked with building and maintaining self-service tooling needs within our clients’ Developer Portal.

The Promotions Associate will provide critical support in our clients’ discount business’s various operational and planning aspects. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented, highly organized, and possesses excellent communication skills. Your role will involve approving discount requests from our publishers, providing support documentation and insight to our publisher-facing teams, building industry best practices for discount management, and supporting the execution of promotional campaigns.



The New Blank is an award-winning design and animation-driven production company based in Seattle, Washington. We are currently expanding our team with passionate and highly driven marketing consultants. We are a band of individuals pulled together with a desire to make. Our clients range from TV networks to gaming studios and agencies to Fortune 100 companies and small startups. Story and ideas drive us; they’re what wake us up in the morning and compel everything we do throughout the day.



You are highly organized and hungry to be part of an ambitious team; you want to ensure successful projects are delivered. You are a beacon of positivity and enjoy collaborating with international, internal, and cross-functional client teams. You are full of potential and have the untapped energy to prove your mettle. In short, you’re looking for the right home that’ll help you grow your career, producing top work with some kick-ass people.

It doesn’t matter if you studied at a fantastic school for your bachelor’s in business or operations management or are self-taught through years of equivalent experience; you are eager to learn more and be a part of our award-winning team. You have 3+ years in marketing or digital retail and have project management time under your belt. You are detail-oriented; savvy with discount policies and confident partnering with our Campaign Planning team comes as naturally to you as sniffing out lies is to Sherlock Holmes. You are neck-deep in team thinking. You are stellar at workload prioritization and can parse out requests from multiple stakeholders like no one else. The gaming industry is your jam; you are not only a fan of games but live and breathe the industry and its current trends. You will report to our Program Manager to execute the tasks needed to keep the campaign on schedule and support the team in any way possible. Your brain is astonishing, and your smile– well, isn’t that something to behold? 



Together, we will foster and encourage client growth as well as process efficiencies and quality. We will always reach for the next level, working with each other to not only discern what that is but also collaborate to hit that elusive mark. We will work our asses off to create that amazing piece, and then, we will play.



  • Keep daily business rolling by reviewing and approving compliant discount requests submitted by our gaming client’s publishers. Identify any issues or discrepancies associated with our Discount Policy and resolve or escalate them for further investigation.
  • Become an expert on our clients’ Discount Policy, learning the legal frameworks we need to operate in.
  • Assist publisher-facing teams with troubleshooting across email and Slack by directing them to our FAQs or tagging relevant team members who can provide additional support.
  • Schedule and validate manual discounts in our system to support promotional events.
  • Work with our merchandising team to ensure proper activation/deactivation of sale campaign tags to ensure an effective campaign experience for millions of our users.
  • Prepare and distribute publisher communications through our preset templates to maintain high engagement with our campaigns.
  • Partner with our clients’ Campaign Planning team to support campaign execution by preparing documentation templates, establishing relevant communications channels, submitting Jira tickets, and scheduling briefing meetings.
  • Collect feedback on our clients’ Self-Service Discount Tool and route through to relevant engineering teams for tracking against development milestones.

Weirdo’s welcome.

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