Production Designer


The New Blank is an award-winning design and animation-driven production company based in Seattle, Washington. We are currently expanding our team with passionate and highly driven visionaries. We are a band of individuals pulled together with a desire to make. Our clients range from TV networks to gaming studios and agencies to fortune 100 companies and small startups. Story and idea drive us; it’s what wakes us up in the morning and compels everything we do throughout the day.



You have a highly organized and curious mind and are hungry and motivated to kick this world’s ass. Every day brings new ideas and solutions. Not to mention your innate, unstoppable excitement to see those thoughts and ideas come to life. You are full of potential and have the untapped energy to prove your mettle. Creativity courses through your veins, drawing you like mosquitos to a bug light hanging from a doublewide in Arkansas.

You are energized by the creative process and being a vital member of a creative team. It doesn’t matter if you studied at a fantastic school or are self-taught; you have been applying your skills and knowledge for 4-5 years, all the while embracing and learning new techniques and software. You are technical and detail-oriented; checking pages for spelling or errant pixels comes as natural to you as shitting in the woods. Dissecting a design vernacular and developing a suite of deliverable solutions floats your boat. Figuring out efficiencies in the process to help your team produce each iteration faster and easier is the next best thing to sliced bread. You are eager to insert yourself into every aspect of production. Your brain is marvelous, and your smile is award-winning.



Together, we will foster and encourage client growth as well as process efficiencies and quality. We will always reach for the next level, working with each other to not only discern what that is but in collaboration to hit that elusive mark. We will work our asses off to create that amazing piece and then, we will play.


Production designer Role requirements:

  • Assist in designing logos and icons as well as sales and marketing graphics for all surfaces, maintaining the quality and accuracy of client brands.
  • Work through iterative processes to help create and optimize graphics according to pre-approved specs and standards.
  • Strong teamwork is part of your DNA.
  • Export, manage, and deliver a variety of digital and print design assets for internal and external partners including localization and final versioning.
  • Collaborate closely with the internal creative and client cross-functional teams.

Weirdo’s welcome.

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