Merchandising Manager


The New Blank is an award-winning design and animation-driven production company based in Seattle, Washington. We are currently expanding our team with passionate and highly driven visionaries. We are a band of individuals pulled together with a desire to make. Our clients range from TV networks to gaming studios and agencies to fortune 100 companies and small startups. Story and idea drive us; it’s what wakes us up in the morning and compels everything we do throughout the day.



Merchandising courses through your veins, drawing you like mosquitos to a bug light hanging from a double-wide in Arkansas. You are energized by the campaign process and being a vital member of a digital marketing team.

It doesn’t matter if you studied at a fantastic school or are self-taught; you have been applying your skills and knowledge longer than old Joe Swanson’s been gumming his meals, all the while embracing and feeding your innate curiosity. You have been a part of and managed multidisciplinary teams on a variety of campaigns ranging in complexity.

You are neck-deep in team thinking. While you could do it all in your head, you’re always on the lookout for efficiencies and automation. Your project management skills are your secret sauce. You will partner with the digital marketing team and Program Manager to make sure projects are delivered on time, on budget, and without error. Your brain is astounding, and your smile charms the ears off a Gundark.



Together, we will foster and encourage client growth as well as process efficiencies and quality. We will always reach for the next level, working with each other to not only discern what that is but in collaboration to hit that elusive mark. We will work our asses off to create that amazing piece and then, we will play.


Merchandising Manager Role requirements:

  • Accurate, discrete, and on-time project management of all assigned tasks, project management tasks & ticketing environments.
  • Execution of digital merchandising in the Client Management Software (“CMS”) including image and copy localization requests via JIRA.
  • Identifying opportunities for efficiency and automation and working cross-functionally on implementation.
  • Strong teamwork is part of your DNA.
  • Collaborate closely with product and marketing teams to manage simultaneous time-sensitive projects without leaking sensitive information.
  • Work with a tight-knit team of digital marketers responsible for creating the best player purchasing experience.

Weirdo’s welcome.

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