Eric Edwards

Directorial Samples

Eric Edwards is a creator, he has created award-winning spots, he has created Superbowl commercials, his work is on display at the Guggenheim, in Stash and nearly everywhere in between.

Ever since Eric was a kid he would seek out beauty in the world where no one else would see it, finding perfection in the mundane and manipulating it in with a vision that was uniquely his. Where many saw a set of stairs behind Davidson High School Eric found a colossal challenge that he was determined to beat, he sat at the foot of those stairs envisioning his hardflip down the Davidson 6. Beat up, bloody, and hurting everywhere, Eric’s imagination succeeded in turning something mundane into something beautiful. Neither the landscape nor the group of friends around him would ever see that site the same, it
had been elevated.

In Eric’s own words “Always persevere. Perfect, perfect, perfect and when you feel that you have made something beautiful. Then after you step back and absorb what you have created, make it better.

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