2012 13 Branding Promos




2012-13 branding promos


We were tasked to create a series of branding promos for key shows in the Fox International 2012-13 line up. They needed to be simple, localizable and readily understandable without relying on colloquialisms etc. We also needed to be able to build a rich production with short amounts of time with the individual talent as well as really random amounts of production space.

We shot multiple productions in Hollywood Center Studios (once on the Lucille Ball stage!), Ralleigh Studios in Atlanta (inside The Walking Deads prison set), and in Swansea, Wales (in an old Ford factory that has been converted to locations of medieval Florence, Italy).

Talent was shot individually, choreographed to be composited together to look like it was all group shot with one exception (see if you can figure out which it was), and ultimately composited together in CGI environments some simple, some more complex.


Production Company: thenewBlank

Exec Creative Director: Sevrin Daniels

Exec Creative Director: Bobby Hougham

Exec Producer: Kelly Green

Project Manager: Brianna Larson

Copywriter: Kammie McArthur, Bobby Hougham

Development Team: Arisu Kashiwagi, Brody Davis, Eric Edwards, Alan Llave, Vincent Diga, Mariana Silva, Mauricio Leon, Austin Shaw, Bobby Hougham


Live Action Production Team

Director: Bobby Hougham

Director of Photography: Bengt Jönsson

Post Production Team

Editors: Sevrin Daniels, Jadie Zimmerman, John Jeffcoat

Keying & Rotoing: Eric Litwin, Andy Tanguay

Compositors: Eric Edwards, Yinzi Xiong, Lena Lee, Alan Llave, Cody Cobb, Bobby Hougham


Client Team

Liz Dolan, CMO

Alex Marinescu, VP Marketing

Chrystal Siersma, PR Director

Flor Picco, Creative Director

Cori Capuano, Creative Director

Mia Vickers, Marketing Coordinator